Xenophobic attacks: Will president Zuma bring an end to the attacks?

Jacob Zuma
President Jacob Zuma


President Jacob Zuma on Saturday pleaded with foreigners to stay in South Africa as he cancelled a state visit to Indonesia to deal with a wave of deadly xenophobic violence at home.

President Zuma re-iterated his condemnation of the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals and has urged the police to continue working round the clock to protect communities and bring perpetrators to book.

Three weeks of escalating anti-foreigner violence in South Africa have claimed at least four lives and forced more than 5,000 immigrants to seek refuge camps.

The president has visited a refugee camp where more than a-thousand migrant workers have fled, after a wave of violence against foreigners and assured them of safety.

South Africa is home to about  5 million immigrants who are mainly from Somalia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Malawi and most them operate small businesses in the cities