Zimbabwe celebrates its 35th anniversary of independence day

Zimbabwe celebrates its 35th independence anniversary Saturday.

As usual the government is talking up its progress in various sectors and is expected to set the agenda for the future. While their have been many successes, the economic challenges threaten to overshadow the gains that have been made.

Zimbabweans remain trapped in poverty with the economy rapidly slowing down, unemployment rising and rights violations increasing.

Message by the political leadership of Zimbabwe

(Nehanda Radio) We in the political leadership urge all Zimbabweans to take time and reflect on that brutal struggle in which the patriotic sons and daughters of this country paid the ultimate prize to secure political independence.

Indeed, that brutal epoch in the country’s history shows that Zimbabweans are a heroic people; a committed people prepared to water the sacred garden of their struggle with their own blood.

As the political leadership, we are proud of that moment of our history and we cherish the great sacrifice made by Zimbabweans to fight oppression and attain political independence.

Even as we wage the new war for true democracy and basic freedoms, we stand on the shoulders of the patriotic sons and daughters who perished and lost life and limb so that the whims and dreams of future generations could walk again.