Boda boda’s to only carry one passenger in Nairobi

Police have been ordered to arrest any motorbike rider or Boda Boda as they are commonly known  carrying two passengers in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.
This is part of efforts to address increasing cases of thugs riding on motorbikes in the city.
Top police officers  have agreed to ban riding of more that two pillions on motorbikes. Nairobi county commander Benson Kibue said the order will be implemented by police and county government.
“The head of police county government Mr Munyambu was in the meeting and we agreed that any rider carrying more than two people will be arrests and prosecuted as per the by-laws. We want order and address some of these cases of thugs attacking people and escaping on motorbikes,” said Kibue.
He added they also discussed strategies to employ to address terror threats in the city. There will be increased police patrols as part of efforts to address the fears.
Cases of attacks by gunmen on motorbikes have been on the rise in the capital city.