ZIMU Mobilises SA Artistes Against Xenophobia

Zimbabwe Musicians’ Union (Zimu) is mobilising artistes to lobby for their South African counterparts to join the fight against xenophobia that has rocked the country putting at risk lives of millions of foreigners residing in that country. Zimbabwe alone has an estimated three million citizens living in South Africa.

According to media reports thousands of foreigners have fled their homes seeking sanctuary at police stations fearing attacks from angry South Africans.
Several people have been killed, with over 2000 displaced while shops owned by foreigners have been looted. As the disturbances intensify in Durban moving into the central business district, local musicians have started engaging South African artistes to denounce the violence.
The artistes are planning to engage a group of South African artistes expected to perform in Bulawayo for the Independence celebrations at the weekend.
President Jacob Zuma called for calm on Wednesday after five people have died in xenophobic attacks in KwaZulu-Natal and as tensions began rising in Johannesburg.

Zuma will address MPs at 2pm (Thursday) on the xenophobic attacks, shortly before he is set to answer outstanding questions from last year’s chaotic August 21 sitting which was suspended after members of the Economic Freedom Fighters disrupted the President’s question and answer session.