Jacob Zuma condemns xenophobic attacks

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has spoken out against xenophobic attacks in the country‚ appealing for calm and an end to the attacks that have rocked KwaZulu-Natal over the past two weeks.

No amount of frustration can justify the xenophobic attacks sweeping parts of the country, President Jacob Zuma said in an address to Parliament on Thursday.

“We condemn the violence in the strongest possible terms. The attacks violate all the values that South Africa embodies, especially the respect for human life, human rights, human dignity and ubuntu,” Zuma told MPs.

“Our country stands firmly against all intolerance such as racism, xenophobia, homophobia and sexism.”

Zuma reminded South Africans that he and others had sought refuge in other African countries during the anti-apartheid struggle.

“We were treated with generosity, dignity and respect by our brothers and sisters from the rest of the continent. We’ll never forget that hospitality and solidarity,” the president said.

“The support of the frontline states in southern Africa and that of the Organisation for African Unity was critical to the achievement of the freedom and democracy we are enjoying today.”