Somali Army Marks 55th Anniversary

The African Union commission has commended the role the Somali National Army has played in liberating areas previously held by the terrorist group Al-Shabaab. As the Somali National Army marked its 55th Anniversary, the AUC said the force which is recovering and rebuilding after being disbanded during  the last two decades of civil war had played an important role in liberating most of South Central Somalia with the Support of AMISOM. Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, also commended the force for the significant gains made against Alshabab. But despite the troops successes discipline has however been an issue, the United Nations had recently alleged systemic failures and that weapons meant for the army were diverted.  While noting that the SNA is still facing some challenges, the AU Special Representative re-affirmed AMISOM’s  commitment to continuing the ongoing training and mentoring as part of the African Union’s contribution to the rebuilding of a strong and professional  Defence Force. The Somali National Army was founded in 1960 under the command of late General Daud Abdulle Hirsi, a renowned Somali hero.