Obama is in Jamaica, so he went to the Bob Marley museum

President Obama visited the Bob Marley Museum Wednesday on the first stop of his trip to Jamaica, where he has traveled to reemphasize the U.S.’s commitment to the Caribbean region .

What’s the first thing you think about when you think about Jamaica? Bob Marley. President Obama didn’t disappoint, choosing to visit the Bob Marley museum less than an hour after Air Force One touched down on the island. During his tour of the museum, the president viewed the framed record albums on the wall.

While looking at the wall of records, he said, “I still have all the albums,” and “One Love” was playing over the speakers. Because, of course.


The museum preserves the rooms in Marley’s former home and displays his recording studio, bedroom, Gold and Platinum records, a life-sized hologram from his 1978 One Love Peace Concert and his Grammy Lifetime Achievement award, among other collectibles.

A statue of Marley playing a guitar stands at the front of the colorful museum, painted red, green and yellow, according to the pool report. After his tour, Obama exited the front door with tour guide, Natasha Clark, as “One Love” played on the building’s speakers.

The president is set to spend three and a half days in Jamaica and Panama, where he is expected to discuss security, energy and other topics, including the U.S. relationship with Cuba, with foreign officials.

This marks the first presidential trip to Jamaica since 1982.