One Garissa terror suspect son of government official


Authorities in Kenya are calling on parents to inform them if their children show any signs of radicalism or go missing.

This is  after the ministry of internal security identified one of the Garissa gunmen as a law graduate and son of a government official .

Abdirahim Mohamed Abdullahi who was one of the four Alshabab militants who stormed Garissa university college killing 148 was identified as the son of  an administrative Chief in Mandera in North Eastern Kenya.

Abdirahim was a university of Nairobi Law graduate and an upcoming lawyer.  He has been termed by close friends as a “brilliant upcoming lawyer”

His family reported to the authorities that he had gone missing and that they suspected he had gone to Somalia to join Al-Shabaab militants.
Local media sources say local government officials in North Eastern Kenya where he hailed from say  his father had reported to police that his son had cut links with them.
He said he last spoken to his son last year by telephone but his son declined to divulge where he was calling from. Abdirahim went missing in 2013 raising suspicion that he had joined Al Shabaab.
The father first reported to the authorities that he suspected his son had joined the terror group when he was in his second year at the University.
The ministry said the incident is an indication of how extremism has taken root in the country and the rate at which extremists are recruiting Kenyan youth.
Other reports indicated that after graduating from UoN in 2013, he joined a local bank as a legal officer. Abdullahi was identified when the Kenya Defence Forces paraded the four bodies of the terrorists in the streets of Garissa.
Five suspects have been arrested in connection with last Thursday’s attack.

Blood Donation

Almost 80 of the wounded are being treated in Nairobi and there’s already a shortage of blood. The National Blood transfusion Service in conjunction with St John Ambulance are holding an emergency blood drive.

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