Fancy a dinner in the sky? welcome to Egypt


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In Egypt the dining experience is reaching new culinary heights.

Egyptians with an appetite for an adrenaline fueled experience are now dining 50-meters above ground.

Straight from Belgium, the “Dinner in the Sky” experience has been to 40 countries.

It has featured more than 5000 culinary events world-wide, including the likes of Pierre Gagnaire, Marc Veyrant and others of the world’s most recognized chefs.

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Now the Arab world’s most populous country has introduced this unique, fine dining experience in Cairo’s Fifth District, a new suburb on the outskirts of the capital.

Priced at 79 US dollars per person, many are excited to experience it just like one customer Dalia Gadallah who expressed his excitement.

“I was very excited that something like this is in Egypt. The country is developing and even the activities are developing. We are all happy this is happening in Egypt and it is a very good experience.”

Another customer by the name Amir,  is so delighted and cant wait to get in on the experience.

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“It’s an amazing feeling. Being high up, near the sun and seeing Egypt from high above. It is a very nice feeling. I love adventure – I do crazier things than this and I really love thrills in general.”

The four-tonne table is suspended by a cable from a crane.

It can seat 22 customers per flight, with a total weight of three- tonnes.

The table’s safety has been tested by Technical Inspection Association, a German organisation testing product safety.

In Egypt, it is also required to undergo tests every six months.

But not are thrilled by the hight just like Chef Abdelkader  who says he was a little bit  terrified. ”But once I was up there the fear went away. It’s a great feeling, to be honest, to cook while up there. It’s something I experienced for the first time.”

The owner of the franchise in Egypt, Hassan Samy Hassan says the table markets itself because of the exclusivity of the idea.

For him the combination of height and tasty food is what gives it an edge.

“The idea is that you go up 50-metres above the ground and afterwards the chefs give you the cooking experience. They cook for you, they don’t serve you pre-made food. The idea is you are sitting, and as you can see, there is nothing below your feet, no wall next you and no ceiling above you – this roof is just here to block the sun – otherwise, you are flying. By all means of the word, you are suspended in the air. This is a unique experiment.”

“Dinner in the Sky”, which has featured in the Red Sea resort of El-Gouna, has yet to appear in other sites across Egypt.

There is currently a proposal to feature the experience near the iconic Giza Pyramids, pending government approval.

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