Saudi Arabia strikes Yemen Rebels

Houthi rebels
Saudi Arabia Leads Airstrikes Against Yemen Rebels

Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Arab allies have launched an air strike campaign in Yemen against Houthi fighters.

The objective is to defend the legitimate government of President Hadi from the takeover attempts by the Houthi militias in Yemen.

We have a coalition of over 10 countries that will participate in these operations to prevent Yemen from falling into the hands of Houthis.”

The raids targeted al-Daylami airbase and the adjacent international airport in north Sanaa, as well as the presidential complex seized by rebels in January.

Houthi Television is reporting dozens of civilian casualties, and has called on medical staff to report to hospitals immediately.

A senior leader of Yemen’s Houthi movement says the air strikes amount to an aggression against his country and warned that the military operation will drag the region into a “wide war”.

Yemen President Hadi’s forces, based mainly in the south of the country, are under attack by the Shia Muslim Houthi militia, which has been in effective control of Sanaa since September.