Lamu’s desperate cry for a doctor

Lamu, Kenya, Health
Maternal health is still a big challenge for most African countries like Kenya .


A population of a little over one thousand people is spread across five villages. The Aweer an ethnic group inhabiting the Coast Province in southeastern Kenya.

The community is surrounded by unforgiving rough roads, wilderness and bandits crossing in from the Somali border next door.

All villagers attest that those most affected by this reality are expectant mothers.

With only one dispensary, one nurse and no doctor serving this stretch of over fifty kilometers, access to healthcare for the expectant women of the Aweer community is a major gamble.

Furthermore, the dynamics of modern medicine that mandates women to deliver in hospitals has in a way isolated the traditional midwifes creating particular tension in the community leaving some expectant women in deeper distress.

CCTV’s  Clemetine Logan travelled to Lamu county and visited the Aweer comunity to bring you a story of distress where maternal health care is left in the hands of the community due to lack of the most essential needs for safe motherhood. The program will air at 17GMT on CCTV.