Germanwings plane crashes with 150 people on board

 The Germanwings plane was carrying about 150 people
The Germanwings plane was carrying about 150 people


An Airbus A320 operated by the Germanwings airline has crashed in southern France.

French Officials say the plane was carrying 150 people between Barcelona and Dusseldorf when it came down in the French Alps around 100 miles north of Nice, according to officials.

French president Hollande said the site of the crash was “a very difficult area to access”, and said that there were not expected to be any survivors.

Mr Hollande said the crash was a tragedy, adding that the area was very difficult to access.

While initial French media reports cited aviation officials as saying that 142 passengers and six crew were on board at the time, that figure was revised to 144 passengers and six crew in a Germanwings statement.

French officials said a police helicopter had located the crash site and first items of debris near the small town of Barcelonnette in the Alpes-de-Hautes-Provences.