The son of Former Senegalese president sentenced to jail


Senegal's Karim Wade jailed for corruption
Karim Wade has been sentenced to jail for corruption

The son of former Senegalese president Abdullahi wade, Karim Wade , has been sentenced to jail for six years.

Karim who was nominated to vie for presidency on the main opposition ticket at the weekend, was sent to prison after being found guilty of corruption.

Reports say he was also fined $228m for enriching himself  illegally  during his father’s 12-year rule.

Senegal’s president Macky Sall warned last week that his government would not tolerate any attempt to destabilize Senegal after the court gave its verdict.

Karim Wade was accused of illegally amassing about $1.4bn and has been in detention since April 2013.

The court said,Karim had hidden away funds in offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands and Panama,.

Wade was a senior minister in his father’s government, and was in charge of major infrastructure and energy projects.

His large portfolio led to him being dubbed “the minister of the earth and the sky”.

His arrest came after the new government vowed to tackle corruption