Caster Semenya:Am ready for gold in Rio 2016

Caster Semenya
Caster has been away from action since London 2012

Caster Semenya is confident she can get her career back on track this year.

The Olympic silver medalist has battled with injuries since London 2012.

Semenya says her dream remains winning gold at Rio 2016.

Speaking to CCTV’s Dan Williams, she said, “We are injury free now. We just have to get the leg strong. We just can’t have such a trauma again. So we are happy we are healthy. Now the main thing is to just build up and adapt. I think the graph is just going well. Three months of training that side, we are just you know, lost weight you know. I think it is really working.”

Semenya shot to fame in 2009 – winning 800m gold as an 18 year old at the World Championships in Berlin.

But success came at a price.. her gender was questioned and had to endure having her most intimate details discussed in the glare of the global media.

Although she returned to claim World and Olympic silver medals her recent injuries led many to write her off.

Semenya hopes her injury nightmare is now behind her as she looks to return to form.

Her focus this year is on Beijing and the World Championships.

Although she has high expectations, she is refusing to put too much pressure on herself.