Kenya Nakuru town gets free, high-speed WiFi

The Nakuru County Government has launched a high-capacity free Wi-Fi in the Nakuru town of Kenya.  This is in partnership with Liquid Telecom Kenya.

Nakuru residents will now enjoy free, fast and reliable public street Wi-Fi connection this will enable rapid access to information vital for economic and educational advancement.

At the launch, Ben Roberts, Liquid Telecom Kenya CEO said, “Liquid Telecom has put in place outdoor Wifi nodes, which are designed to carry huge capacities with the ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions to guarantee maximum and uninterrupted speeds while surfing. With the built-in meshing technology incorporated in the network systems, users in Nakuru will not experience service interruptions when moving from one point to another within the areas covered in the town,” (Business & Tech)

Liquid Telecom says it has invested Sh36.4M in the project, with more set to be invested during network optimization exercises across 2015. The success of the Nakuru Wifi project is key to Liquid Telecom’s strategy of developing viable business models for the sustainable offering of free WiFi in Africa.