Oluremi Sonaiya, the only female presidential candidate in Nigeria

Oluremi Sonaiya running for presidency in Nigeria
Oluremi Sonaiya is the sole female candidate in a field of 14 contestants who will battle it for presidency on 28th March

She is not only one of the main candidates in the Nigeria presidential race but Oluremi Sonaiya is the sole female candidate in a field of 14 contestants who will battle it for presidency on 28th March.

Professor Oluremi Sonaiya is the presidential candidate of the KOWA political party.

Many see her as an underdog in a contest dominated by incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan of the ruling PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) and his arch-rival, Muhammadu Buhari of the opposition party, APC (All Progressives Congress).

Regardless, Sonaiya has been a loud advocate for drastic change and the radical overhaul of the country’s political system.

She has run a campaign  mostly on the  social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter because she lacks funding, an area in which the two big parties have totally outdone her and the KOWA party she represents.

Professor Oluremi Sonaiya believes Nigeria really needs, the uphill journey towards that change and the role Women need to play in solving the socio-political challenges facing the country.

Why she thinks she is the better candidate

Why Oluremi thinks she is the best candidate for president in Nigeria is in her slogan which is: The Right Choices. The Right Choice. She says Nigerias need to make the right choices for a better nation.

Remi  is 60 years old and is not very well know in political circles as she is known in academic circles. She became a professor of French Language and Applied Linguistics in 2001.

This is what she thinks of the current situation in Nigeria:

”Nigeria is a nation at a crossroads. It is blessed with abundant natural and human resources, but the right choices need to be made to turn them into health, wealth and progress for all its people. Poor leadership over much of the past 50 years has wasted time and opportunity to make that progress. We can not afford 50 more directionless years.

The obvious challenges Nigerians face are not difficult things to fix, it is only the will to do them that has been lacking. Electricity, water and roads are not the challenges of the 21st century; they’re the solved problems of the twentieth! She says there’s need for leadership with vision, prepared to ask difficult questions of themselves and of us, and then chart a bold path toward a bright future.

We need to secure the lives and property of all Nigerian citizens. We need to revitalize dormant industries and encourage the birth of new ones. We need to restore our institutions to world standard-and then raise the standard. We need government that works. We need to make merit and excellence the global reputation of Nigeria. We need to aggressively educate, prepare, train and engage our youth. They are our future.”