The child who ate his own hair receives treatment

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The child’s mother says she thought the hair her child was eating would have been expelled through his stool


Surgeons have removed a gigantic hairball from the stomach of a four-year-old boy after he began eating his own hair.

Little Sivam Kumar parents have been forced to constantly shave his head to prevent the little boy from ever eating his hair again.

Sivam had been eating his own hair for nine months and he would often vomit, unable to eat normally which eventually led to malnutrition and dehydration.

In the end the youngster was able to only digest water.

When Sivan began complaining of pains a few months, doctors dismissed his pain as a mere stomach infection and he was given medication to kill the pain after his parents took his to hospital.

But eventually the toddler’s stomach was so bloated it started to protrude abnormally.

After an hour-long surgery on February 4th, doctors retrieved a gigantic hairball that filled his stomach as well as his small and large intestines.

When measured the hairball was 4ft long. His mother Munni, who has two other boys, aged six and eight, said she’d seen his son pluck his hair and ate it but she only assumed it would come out in his stool which did not happen.

The child was visibly weak and malnourished because his body could not allow him to consume any solids.

Pictures of the child can be seen here: