TZ:Another Albino attack,a boy’s palm cut off

A TRCS volunteer holds the hand of an albino toddler at a picnic organised by the TRCS at the government-run school for the disabled in Kabanga
There have been many cases of attacks against Albinos with people believing that their body parts bring riches


Cases of attacks against people living with albinism in Tanzania continue to be a big concern not only for the authorities but for people living with the skin condition.

Police confirmed on Sunday the attack against a six year old albino boy whose right palm was cut off. This is the latest in a string of attacks against Albinos in Tanzania.

Authorities said the boy, Baraka Cosmas, was sleeping at home with his mother in the village of Kipenda,in the south west region of Rukwa when the assailants attacked their house and cut off his hand.

Reports say the child mother was beaten severely when she refused to hand over the boy to the assailants. At that point the assailants are said to have cut off the boys palm and took off.

Sources say that police are investigating the case that only brings back to mind the pain that people living with albinism have to undergo in their daily struggle against those who believe that their body parts have healing powers but they can also bring riches.

The attack comes just one week after four people accused of killing Albinos were sentenced to death and also after president Jakaya Kikwete told off people who are intent on killing Albinos with the belief of enriching themselves.

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