Zambia’s president in hospital after collapsing

President Edgar Lungu took power following the death of Michael Sata in October last 2014

The Zambia government says President Edgar Lungu who collapsed on Sunday during a function to mark the international women’s day is receiving treatment for what the government spokesman says is Malaria.

However media reports say the president may need treatment abroad for what his doctors say is a complicated throat surgery which cannot be done in Zambia.

President Edgar  collapsed during the function in the capital Lusaka on Sunday.

The government spokesman Amos Chanda is quoted by media sources saying that the president is recuperating at the military hospital where he’s being treated for what doctors say is Malaria and exhaustion.

Chanda said Lungu had collapsed once before, but denied he has a health condition.

The incident forced the president to cut short his appearance at the International Women’s Day event.

President Lungu was elected into office in January following the death of  Michael Sata, who died after a long illness at a London hospital  in October last year.

The late Sata was Zambia’s second leader to die in office in six years. His predecessor, Levy Mwanawasa, suffered a stroke in June 2008 that led to his death later that year.

Chanda said Lungu has been busy since the election, and doctors have recommended he get some rest because of  exhaustion.

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