Doping in cycling still prevalent


Doping in cycling remains widespread, with cheats exploiting grey areas, experimenting with designer drugs and becoming ever more sophisticated. This is according to a report by the Cycling Independent Reform Commission.

The report goes further to explain that the biggest concern is that riders are able to manipulate the biological passport which monitors an athlete’s blood levels, by micro-dosing to avoid spikes.  The riders will use the doses at night and by morning when they take the test it does not show in their blood stream.

Doping is the use of a drug such as steroids or a blood product so as to improve athletic performance.  Doping is has become a global problem that follows international sporting events all over the world.

International sports federations and the Olympic Committee have tried to fight the issue of doping but their efforts have been futile. As years go by more powerful and undetectable doping ways and substances are now abused. Professional athletes are known to introduce the young athletes hence the trend carries on and becomes difficult to control.


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