Africa, the land of beauty

Kenya is a country of tremendous topographical diversity including glaciated snow –capped Mt. Kenya. The mountain is the country’s highest point of elevation standing tall at 5,199m and the second highest peak in Africa.

A few weeks ago, I got to travel to #NaroMoruRiverLodge, a log cabin in Naro Moru town, situated at the Rift Valley side of Kenya. The town has a population of 9, 018 people.  Naro Moru is a town of beauty and splendour, full of loving people.

The environment at #NaroMoruRiverLodge is that of beauty, fresh air, peaceful and immediately sends you into a relaxed mood. The calming sound of the winds, the flowing river and chirping of the birds both at night and early morning is quite therapeutically.

Ithanguni Cottage (1)


The rooms are breath taking, well equipped with unsuited bathrooms and pine furnishings. The rooms offered are from the standard room, superior room and the deluxe room.  The warm natural stone walls, wooden floor and beautiful paintings in the rooms bring the aesthetic value out.


Cottage Lounge (1)

The lodge has the finest mountain climbing facility south of the Equator.  For those who love adventure, worry not. #NaroMoruRiverLodge accommodation provides the shortest route to Mt. Kenya.  For the few days I was at this beauty I learned that Africa has more to offer and I can confidently confirm that it is a land of opportunity; thanks to NaroMoruRiverLodge


Pool sunset (1)

Did I mention to you that NaroMoruRiverLodge will be hosting the first East Africa’s cycling competition later this year?