South Sudan’s Fighting Enters 2nd Year as Rights Groups Warn a Worsening Situation

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With the war in South Sudan, the youngest African Nation, entering into its second year, many residents still retain the hope of an end to the conflict. The scale of the crisis facing children in South Sudan is “staggering” according to the United Nations Children’s Fund while the future of an entire generation of the country’s children was being “stolen” by the ongoing conflict, adds UNICEF.

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Since violence erupted in December 2013, almost 750,000 children have been internally displaced, with 320,000 more living as refugees. Peace talks in neighbouring Ethiopia have made no progress in resolving a political dispute as conflict, famine, illness and trauma continue to plague nearly two million people displaced in the crisis.

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A year on, the spotlight may have turned away from the country in recent months but the needs remain enormous. With concern about South Sudan flagging all over the world, the country risks becoming yet another forgotten State