Foreigners hunting endangered animals in Africa

When the 19 year old American cheerleader Kendall Jones posted photos of endangered African animals she had killed on Facebook, thousands of social media users were outraged. These pictures, which showed her posing and smiling beside dead animals such as a lion, a leopard and other big African game caused Facebook to intervene and delete her hunting photos due to numerous complaints.

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Kendall however, was in no way apologetic, she claimed that her killing of an elephant was able to feed an entire village and that the money she and other hunters pay to the South African government provides a large amount of funding for animal conservation efforts.




However many were disbelieving of Kendall’s claim of hunting for the sake of saving the animals, especially since she’s been using the recent media scrutiny to promote herself and try and get a reality TV show. Thousands of South Africans have begun a petition to ban her from ever returning to their country and laws allowing foreign trophy hunters to pay to kill endangered animals are being further examined.

In contrast to South Africa’s hunting regulations is Tanzania, which has stricter laws and the largest protected wildlife area in Africa. CCTV correspondent Peter Wakaba recently visited one of Tanzania’s largest conservation area’s to see Serengeti’s large lion population.

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As well as further understanding Tanzania’s wildlife conservation efforts.

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