Focus on Namibia

Many tourists venture to climb the big Sand Dune, Big Daddy.

The World’s Oldest Desert in Namibia

Namibia is one of the least populated countries on the Continent. But it’s home to some of Africa’s most astonishing scenery. By far the biggest attraction is a feature that dates back more than 50 million years.


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Boosting Namibia’s Food Security


Namibia is one of Africa’s most beautiful countries but it’s also one of the driest. It’s no surprise therefore, that food security is a persistent problem. Officials there hope that a deal they have agreed to with China could be one solution.

Slum Life in Namibia

Namibia is one of the most unequal income distributions in the world. This makes it a typical dualistic society, and it’s the poor that suffer the most.


Prices Rise in Namibia’s Property Market


Namibia’s capital Windhoek, is reputed to be one of the cleanest cities in the world. Its infrastructure is also among the best in sub-Saharan Africa. These are huge attractions for people coming from all over the country. However, instead of the greener pastures, they hope for many newcomers find themselves confronted with skyrocketing house prices. CCTV’s Sun Lan reports.

Chinese Naval Fleet Visits Namibia Walvis Bay

A division of the Chinese navy has arrived for its first ever visit to Namibia, during a trip around Africa. And, the officers and sailors of the 16th Escort Task Force have quite a busy schedule ahead of them.

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