CCTV’s Clementine Logan recently travelled to DRC Congo to find out what is changing in one of the world’s poorest and most conflict affected places. As well as tackling the issue of conflict resolution she also takes a look at the less reported side of the country, from cheese making  to fashionistas.

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Nyiragongo volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Africa. It is noted for long active lava lakes which appear in the summit crater. More than a million people live at the foot of Nyiragongo, an active volcano in Goma, in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. It is one of the most dangerous in the world, but for many it is also been seen as a blessing. CCTV’s Clementine Logan looks at life in the shadow of Nyiragongo

Artisan cheese-making probably would not be the first thing you would expect to find in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Dairy farmers on the hills of Masisi have been crafting it for decades. As part of our special series from eastern DRC, CCTV’s Clementine Logan went to find out more.

The eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is perhaps best known for recent conflict, but it’s also home to some vibrant sub-cultures. The ‘Sapeurs’, for instance, believe that every day should be a chance to put a well-heeled foot forward. CCTV’s Clementine Logan found out more about these colourful characters.

After more than two decades of war, which has claimed the lives of millions, the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo has begun rolling out a plan to disarm all rebel groups in the country, within five years.  Clementine  takes a look at the prospect of peace in the DRC.


Clementine Logan speaks about her experience during this mission