Ugandan Phone App For Revelers

VIPIA new mobile phone App is helping many Ugandan revelers keep track of events in the capital. “ViPi”, the name of the App, is slowly finding its way into the market. The App developed by two Ugandan Information Technology specialists, aims at helping revellers keep track of events in the capital.

 ViPi is an events’ catalogue App on smart phones used to guide users on events happening in town. Kampala revelers use it frequently. Since it was launched in December last year, the Android application published on the Google play store has attracted over 500 downloads in Uganda.Vipi 2

 However Mobile technology experts say the adoption of local apps in most African countries like Uganda is still low. And developers aren’t necessarily reaping the benefits.Local developers in Uganda are also working on a wide range of mobile apps to improve agriculture and health service delivery.

 Experts say such innovations on phone handsets will transform the way business is done in the country.