Climate change: A reality facing Africans?

Livestock often have to be herded long distances
In Warsaw this Monday 11th, thousands of delegates met at the UN Climate Change Conference, COP 19. Representing around 200 countries, those present hope to draw up a deal for 2015 to cut green house gas emissions, which are said to be responsible for global warming.
Climate change is having global consequences for people across the world. Currently a typhoon in the Philippines is demanding the world’s attention for the devastation is has caused. There also dramatic stories of  how a changing climate is impacting communities across Africa.
Julie Scheier is in Okavango Region, in North West Namibia, covering the worst drought in 30 years.
Okavango West, just outside Rundu. The severity of this drought is evident. Cattle in search of water and food to graze. Thousands of cattle have perished.
Today she visited Mupini Junior primary school.For most children there this will be the only meal they eat  today. The Namibian Government is playing a vital role in providing feeding programs to most schools in the affected area.