Remains of South African hunter who disappeared while on a hunting safari found inside two crocodiles



44 year old Scott Van Zyl from South Africa disappeared last week on a hunting safari with a Zimbabwean tracker and a pack of dogs, report the telegraph.

Scott, a professional hunter, who runs a company that plans hunting trips for foreign clients, is believed to have been eaten by crocodiles on the banks of Limpompo River in Zimbabwe.

The father of two is said to have left his truck accompanied by a tracker and his dogs, only for his dogs to return to the camp without him and all his belongings and rifle found in the truck.

A rescue team of helicopters, divers and trackers later found his footprints leading to the river bank where his backpack was found by the river.

Police and animal nature conservation services decided to shoot two Nile crocodiles at the river that were suspected to have eaten the father of two.

‘We found what could possibly be human remains in them,’ said Sakkie Louwrens, who was part of the search team.

Forensic experts are testing the human remains found in the crocodiles to see whether they belong to the victim.

At least four people have been killed by crocodiles in Zimbabwe in the past month. Zimbabwe has recently been hit by heavy rain, raising river and dam levels, which can bring crocodiles to areas where they are not normally seen.