Eight women arrested in Iran for dressing up as men to watch a football match

Two of the eight women understood to have been arrested for trying to get into a football match dressed as a man (Mail Online)

Eight women have been arrested in Iran for dressing up as men so they could watch a football match at the Tehran’s Azadi Stadium.

The women are now facing legal action after they attempted to disguise themselves in order to watch Esteghlal FC and Persepolis FC on February 12, 2017.

Islamic law in Iran bans women from attending live matches when men are present.

The head of security for the Tehran municipality said that the ban aims to prevent women’s honour because the stadium’s atmosphere, commotion and crowds are no place for women.

Women are only allowed to watch the match on TV since the games are broadcast live for everyone to watch.

Iranian women are not also allowed to upload photographs of them without a headscarf, posting a video of neither themselves singing nor riding bikes in public as this could attract males’ attention.